Washers and Dryers

Most of us can’t imagine not having a washing machine and dryer – assuming kitchen appliances are there, a washer and dryer are among the first appliances purchased when someone moves from an apartment into a home.  Here are some things to look for when buying these indispensable laundry appliances.


Washing Machines (Washers)

Quiet operation, easy to use controls and durability are prime requirements when buying a washing machine.  Front-loading models help you save money and electricity; they also tend to be smaller, quieter and are gentler on clothes than top-loading washing machines. However, you need special detergent and won’t handle loads as large as high-capacity top-loading washers.



Durability, quiet operation and easy to use controls are also important for clothes dryers.  They’re available in gas or electric models – gas dryers cost more initially but are cheaper to operate.  A good feature is a moisture sensor, since it turns the dryer off when clothes are dry.  Make sure the drum is large enough to tumble clothes freely and it’s easy for you to reach in.


Laundry Appliance Brands Available at Columbia Appliance:

We carry laundry appliances from brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Crosley and Amana.


We service most makes and models of washers and dryers too, including Sears Kenmore.

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